Sunday, September 28, 2008

Porter's First Spend the night Party

Well Missy and Patrick were nice to trust Alan with Andy this Sat. night. Porter and Andy had the best time- Alan had even more fun - They played with the train table, went for a night wagon ride, played with Lammie and read books. They both slept so well and then Po woke up at 7 he said ANNY is was so cute. They ate breakfast and played outside before it was time for Andy to go. We hope that there are many more sleep overs in the future.

Sage's First Soccer

Porter Alan and I went to Sage's ( Teresa's sweet son) soccer game Sat morning. It was so fun even though Porter wanted to play he watched and loved seeing sage out there kicking the ball. Missy and Andy showed up as well and T had all her babies there. We had a great time and the game ended 1-1 in a tie.

Reeves Visits

Reeves came home for a quick visit this weekend to go the GA/AL game which ended bad for the bulldogs. She meet us at JUJU bees for some yogurt before heading to Athens. After that Porter and I played in the yard and hung out till Dad got home for story time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ty Ty Visits and Spins Po into a Dizzy

Uncle Ty ( Tyler) came in town and surprised us for the afternoon and dinner yesterday. It was so fun and though we love visiting him in NY we still wish he was here in the Meadowbrook. He was great with Porter he played outside and also held his arms and would swing him round and round HE LOVED IT. They looked at the fish in the pond and he showed Tyler his book bag. They also played in Mary Mac's backyard and than we met Dad and GIGI and Hunter for dinner. It was great to see Tyler even if it was short

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The County Fair

GIGI and GOGO were so sweet to watch Po over the weekend so Alan and I could go to the Auburn/ LSU game which did not have the outcome that we had hoped for. Porter almost did not want to come home after they braved to Gwinnett County fair where the crowd was shady, but he LOVED it. The pictures show all from the pumpkin ride alone, to bee ride with GIGI, truck with GOGO and all the animals. THANKS GUYS

Mason Visits and Porter LOVES babies

Well Friday we woke up to Porter in his crib with his shirt all wrapped around his body it was so funny. Alan and PO spend some great time together watching his new favorite movie "Cars." Sarah and baby Mason came to visit and I got to hold him who is so small compared to Porter who is now 27 lbs now after his 19 month check up Thursday. It was fun to hold the little baby and see Sarah doing so well. Porter also has discovered his "backpack" which YAYA gave him a while back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

One Year with Ms. T ( Teresa)

Ms. T and Porter enjoy some time together last week. She captured it with some great pictures. So FUN to think she has been with PO since he was 6 months -So many changes and more to come.

Trains, Owls and Georgia Football what a weekend

The train table FINALLY came. It took a little talking into for Alan to help me put it together, but once we started it was fun. He went CRAZY when we showed it to him, but soon learned that we needed to glue it down. GOGO was nice and came over to help place it so Porter could play and it would not fall apart. After the train table it was over to Hunter ( Hunte) and Chrissie ( CC) house for the GA/ SC game- Hunter got him a new shirt which he loved before DAD made him take it off and where his Auburn jersey. Lastly, Porter enjoyed time at GIGI's going over the bridge and showing off his latest friend owl.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Porter LOVES to Read

Porter loves to read ALL kinds of books. He also like to read in ALL sorts of places. His favorite is still good night Moon. Saturday we went to the book store and Dad bought him Eertle the Turtle which maybe his next favorite. We went the barns and noble to see Ms. Jennifer ( our music teacher) as she was the special guest. It was so fun we knew all the songs and the best part DAD came. He sat in the circle and sang.