Friday, July 10, 2009

This is Great BABY GOT BACK

december 2008- GIGI's Birthday - Go Mom

Beach and Friends

A last minute get together with some girl friends at the beach - It was great to spend time with Jordan and mel and of course Porter LOVED being with Will and Max at the beach. We had such a great time. Thanks Ms. T for making it possible for us to also have a little relaxing moments kid free. Jack was happy just being in his swing and taking afternoon walks. Porter was ready to get home to YAYA. THANKS GIRLS FOR GREAT MEMORIES

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A few favorites from the 4th

4th Of July Ocean Forest THE CELEBRATION

Porter asked us all day when the celebration was going to happen. It was so cute when we went to Ocean Forest and there were jumpy houses, hand made snow on the beach, ice cream, games, a band and lots of lobster. Jack was great and they both had so much fun. The fireworks were a bit alarming at first and then they were enjoyed by both kids. All Porter kept saying was, "this is so fun THANKS mom and dad." Those words are priceless. We also got a huge grand kid picture with Mimi and granddaddy and there 10 kids, 2 great grandchildren.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sea Island Day 1 Fourth of July 2009

It is so fun to be down here with the entire gang. We have all six kids, two grandparents ( my parents), two greatgradparents ( mimi and Doug), 3 uncles ( Tyler, Porter and Hunter), 3 Aunts ( Parker, Reeves and Chrissie) and the two grand kids ( porter and jack). On top of that one girlfriend and one boyfriend so to say the house is full is an understatement. Here are some pic from the first three days.

Jack and Mia

Mia came over for a date night with Jack last week. It was so fun as she is only one month older and already more mature. Jack was fussy and she was an angel. Melissa when she is 13 and yelling at you I will remember these days ha ha.