Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a day and the pool - Abby, Porter and Will

Well Porter was craving some mommy time today so we had a great day at the pool with some good buddies. It was great to see Katie and Abby and of course Will. Thanks for great memories and 2 years of friendship.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

Well I have the greatest Father is the world and my children are now lucky to have the same. Alan was great on fathers day and took Porter down the water slide and swimming. Jack hung out with GIGI and the Henritze gang should up for dinner. What a fun celebration!! Yaya also came intown for the week " that would be so fun"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another REAL Car Porter rides in

Ok today GOGO brought over the Shelby Cobra and Porter rode around in it with his little cobra in hand!! Also he is all into us taking pictures and then looking at them it is so funny. Picture of Po with missing tooth priceless

Jacks a month old

Porter and Jack are bonding - Porter loves to watch him swing, he sings to him and only wants to sit with him on the sofa. We have had a few car episodes hitting in the head followed with. "sorry Jack no time out mommy" - and yes there was a time out that followed. Porter wants to copy everything he does including getting in the moses basket and also taking and sucking his pacifier. Porter also likes to show him how he sits on the pottie.

We have now switched to soy milk SO THANK YOU all so much for the advice especially a shout out to Ryan for her advice in regards to Corrine our life is changing now for the better!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


As many of you know by now Porter is in love with cars especially nice ones. Well it just so happens that a neighbor of my parents "mr Roy" found out about this love and he has the same passion. He does not have model cars, but the real things. So Mr. Roy surprised Porter and brought his latest car addition to the house a "real Ferrari" He took Porter on a ride and of course Porter had to run inside to get his small Ferrari for the ride. It was so cute and he was shell shocked for a while!!! Jack on the other hand is impoving and we are getting a handle on his acid reflux ( thanks to all my friends for tips on how to solve the issue and what meds are good and NOT). He is almost a month old and I am slowly learning how to get out of the house with two. Not sure how my mom did it with 6!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My First Wedding

Jack and mommy had some alone time Sat while Porter and Dad headed to the Pecan orchards of South Georgia for cousin Matt's wedding in Fort Valley. I was told Porter stole the the show at the wedding. he had a great time with Yaya and Papa and of course DAD. I just can not believe the tie stayed on the entire time!!


Porter and Jack sure are getting along these days. Porter loves to pull Jack's eyes open, poke at him, change his diapers, kiss him and try to play cars with him and going in the new stroller for walks to Hunte and CC's to see the new swing. Dad loves his boys as well and so cute to watch them all together. Still the Queen of this house ha ha