Saturday, January 30, 2010

Front room almost done

Still waiting for a table, but making progress THANKS MCCALL

Mia comes to visit the Boys

Porter was in love with Mia he loved that she kissed him. He even wanted to feed her but did not understand she could not eat cornbread. Jack and Mia are one month apart and love that these two will be buddies. Thanks Andrew and Melissa for a fun evening.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reeves turns 21 years old

Well the baby of the Henritze crew turns 21 years old. What a milestone - It was a wonderful weekend in Highlands, NC. It was great to have everyone there ( minus Tyler we missed you). The food was great ( mom gets the credit) and the activities ( wine tasting, games and movies) were fun even though the weather was a bit rainy. Reeves it was the best Birthday and thanks for including us ALL.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow day in Atlanta and COLD

I can't remember a time in Atlanta when it was this cold for an extended period of time. The kids liked the snow for about 10 minutes and then back inside. It is pretty to look at but now know that I live in the south for WARM weather where you can be outside. Jack and Porter are getting along more and more each day. It is so sweet to see them interact.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go Cart - Or CAR ha ha

GoGo has a small car addiction and so does baby Porter. So my dad invested in a two seat go cart that is really cool. Porter took his first COLD ride today and loved it. Only in the driveway adn slow. Not in the street and only with an adult Always ( don't call or worry MIMI)


Well it was a crazy week, but with LOTS of help ( AKA MARY AND GARY true saints ) we are almost done. We are so glad to be settled and so excited to be a family in our own space. Love you mom and dad, but there is a reason you are supposed to never move home ha ha. Hopefully we will get your house back to normal soon. Thanks YAYA and PAPA for loving on us and the kids we could have never done it without you and it was the greatest Christmas present anyone could have given us. We love you all and see you soon

What a wonderful Christmas

I get a little depressed when Christmas is over ( even though this year Christmas came a week late for Alan and I as we are in our HOUSE). I miss all the family in town and the kids faces as they enjoy the tree, cookies and lights. Oh well many more years to come and this year was one of the best!!!