Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daddy Returns

Well after 10 days of Alan being gone he RETURNS. Porter was so excited and said DADA and then we went to the pool for some family time. Porter jumped off the diving board by himself with NO swimmies on and had a blast. Today we went to Caribou where Porter was amazed by the dump trucks outside, played with chop sticks for hours, baby wells visited and went to play group at Corrine's where we are still BAD about sharing. Mimi babysat and had Porter saying "Jesus loves me" even though when she said, "who loves you" he said "YAYA" I wonder who taught him that ha ha. Lastly, Porter will eat ANYTHING on an adult fork so funny. Another fun filled day

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Porter starts to talk ...I Bribe him

Today Porter had fun as Baby Wells came to visit- Dad came home for an hour before having to head back out of town, but at least he could give us a hug. Porter continues to add new words to his vocabulary. His favorites are Mimi, YaYa, GiGi, MaMa, Dada, blue, truck, car, hey, bye, no. For the video below there was some bribing to get him to speak ha ha. Also last video shows his LOVE for blowing bubbles in the bath I contribute to his fabulous swimming.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another day with Friends "Young and Old"

Today was one of those days I will treasure. Simple... yet fun- First Porter and I spent the morning at Caribou Coffee playing with the blocks sipping coffee and juice. After that we headed to the Pool and was greeted by Mimi and Granddaddy and Mary Bob. Porter played with his trains and Mimi bought him some cars and puzzles. Granddaddy changed in his clothes and went swimming with Porter and myself. It was so fun Porter did his best swimming EVER. Underwater, diving, jumping off the side and totally showing off. After a long nap we headed to our good friend Will's house for some play time. It was SO fun Porter rode the train, played with the piano and swung for a LONG time on Will's new outside swing set. Lastly, we ate and bathed before nanny T and Sage came back so Mom could go to dinner with Candace, Mel and Jordan. Unfortunately no pictures ( forgot my camera, but what memories). We miss DAD and want him home. Also, GiGi, GOGO, big Porter and Reeves are now at Mount Kilimanjaro summit 14 hr day we lift up Psalm 18:30-36.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Porter gets gifts from Mom and dad trip

Well after Alan did not want to get Porter anything from China town his favorite gift we brought home was the Chinese drum and plastic trolley both about 3 dollars. He was happy to see MAMA, but misses his YAYA. A special thanks to YAYA for her visit and giving him so much LOVE.

Sonoma- Kenwood Inn and Spa

Well though it was hard to leave Porter for 4 days it was so much fun being in CA just Alan and I for our 5 year anniversary!!! We stayed in a fabulous Inn ( THANKS to MEL) and ate and drank very well. We visited 6 wineries Sat. and truly enjoyed ourselves before heading into San Fran. Sonoma 90 hot and not a cloud in the sky San Fran fog, 58 degrees and windy

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mimi and Granddaddy

What a FUN day we had yesterday as we went to Collier Place to visit Porter's sweet great grandparents!!! He ran in the sprinkler, ate LOTS of food ( No surprise) and ran around with no clothes on saying hello to the neighbors. Porter and I then went and got ice cream ( strawberry) and went to a fountain to throw pennies ( for an hour). The day ended with some veggie tales, a visit from Uncle Hunter and Joel and Dianne. Tomorrow YAYA is coming and he is so excited. Alan and I are headed to Sonoma and Napa, CA for our 5 year anniversary will update when we return.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melissa goes to the Pool with Us

Today was great after the dreaded MMR shot which went GREAT as promised we went to the pool and had a great time. Melissa Lorimer joined us and Porter showed off all his tricks. We ran into Baby Corrine and played till it was time to go. Summer is so fun

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again Sage and Porter fun in the Sun

After a great trip it was back to life as we know it- The day started with Sage and nanny T greeting Porter at the door. The continued to play in the front yard and loved the water. Sage was so sweet to Porter and I think Porter REALLY missed his buddy. Bitter sweet to be home-

pictures of Baldhead Island, NC

So pretty

Baldhead until next Time.....

From old Baldy to late night golf cart rides, strawberry icecream, beach walks, birds, latin music, sleeping with YAYA and PAPA WHAT A WEEK

Baldhead Island Day 4

Swimming in the Pool and Ocean what a day

Baldhead Island day 3


Baldhead Day 2

Porter in Baldhead it was so pretty more pictures of Family to come -He loved his bike with YA YA