Saturday, October 31, 2009

My two Pumpkins HALLOWEEN 2009

Well the weather was terrible, kids were not feeling great and the DAWGS lost, but we tried to make the best of it!! We started at Sumner and Wes for some football and the kids had a ball. Every ( NON MOTHER) wanted to hold Jack and Porter spent most of the time wrestling with Andy. Everything was great till Georgia ( The dog) ate Porter's pumpkin cookie and we had a melt down. That was our signal to brave the rain and go trick or treat. It was fun this year and despite the weather the MEADOWBROOK was packed as usual. Jack and Porter and I went around the parade and then headed to about ten house for some good old fashion fun. The day and week of Halloween are over and Mom and Dad are having a class of wine, kids asleep and house to ourselves YEAH.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Will's Party happy halloween

What a fun Halloween party THANKS MEL

Halloween Parade St James

Well Halloween is tomorrow and this morning Alan and I went to St. James to see our cute pumpkin in the Halloween parade. When he saw us it was like we were movie stars ( SO CUTE). It was great to see all his friends dressed up. On a separate note our house in almost ready ( Mid December) and looking great!! We are getting excited about our Christmas present ( Sad to Santa did not buy this one).

Lastly, PRAISE GOD for our great new on Alan's health!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sea Island 4th Annual trip

What a GREAT trip a few months later than normal, but we made it up and it was a blast. Alan made it after winning his trial, Sarah loved to perform at Ziggys, McCall needs to have a baby, Courtney joined the group, pizza where is the pizza?, Melissa pump?, BLT's/LSU vs Auburn lets not discuss, keys in the bucket, Coastal Kitchen

The Rock Ranch Year 2 2009

This year was great and GIGi, GOGO and Tyler joined us. Emerson and Becca were with us as well and the boys had fun. The weather was less than ideal ( mid 40's) so we had to pull out the winter gear. Thanks Tyler for coming with us!!!

Papa turns 90

It was great to be in South GA with the Moore/Hamilton crowd for Papa's 90th birthday. Papa was able to meet Jack and we got to see everyone and especially great to see JIMBO. Porter had a great time seeing all the other kids and of course YAYA.

Jack is almost 6 months TIME FLYS

jack is so sweet and the cutest baby. He is probably close to 20 lbs and has a great big smile!! He is rolling over, laughing with Porter,, eating all sorts of food ( mango being his favorite), loves his bath and hair is as BLACK as ever so funny.