Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Black Mountain, NC

What a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great way to celebrate all we are thankful for- Family, Health, Fun, The outdoors, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.. We spent 4 days in Black Mountain, NC near Asheville. We had a great house and Porter was happy with all his new toys Yaya and Papa brought with them. We had a great time in Montreat on the playground and feeding the ducks, we visited Camp Crestridge where I went to camp for 11 years and Po found mom's name. We went to the Biltmore House "the big house" which was great and got us in the Christmas spirit and of course we ate ate.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome home DAD

After three weeks out of town with no chance to come home Alan returned last night. PoPo was so excited to see him and show daddy the sign he made. He made sure to show Dad all his new cars and also wanted Dad to read him his favorite story. I am also glad Alan is home not easy being on your own with a 21 month old.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bounce INSIDE so fun

Porter and I had a play date yesterday with Abby and Will and it was so much fun. Katie put the bouncy/jump thing in the living room because it was so cold. The kids had so much fun and Porter did not want to get out. They also ate and drank lots of apple juice. When we got home more pottie training or trying. I think Porter was cold just in his diaper that he wanted to put my jacket on so funny.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Princeton weekend never to forget

Parker thanks for being such a wonderful host and although Alan was not there to complete the picture it was great to have family together for 24hours. You played amazing and we are SO SO proud of you. The trip started out rocking with fog delays in Atlanta Friday, but the delta captain was nice to let Porter come and sit in the cockpit and learn all about airplanes. When we arrived we went straight to the Gym to see you kick some A-- on the court as always!! That night Po and I were tired so we resorted to some food at the hotel and called it a night. I think the only thing that we missed was Reeves being called out by the Nassea Inn bar lady.
Sat. was a day/night to remember- The family all rolled in around lunch time ( Tyler and Sarah, Hunter and Chrissie and Tate and Sue to join big Porter, little Po, mom, Dad, Reeves and I. After a great brunch and tour of TI ( Tiger Inn eating house and where Parker lives) the girls went shopping and the boys and little PO went to the sports bar to catch some football. Afterwards we all headed to the gym to see see Parker's final game as a Volleyball player. She went out with a bang and it was great we could all be there.
Afterwards we changed and went to the Volleyball banquet where the girls gave lots of hugs and let us in to some of their inside jokes. Late night we all headed back to TI for "Party like a State School" somewhat funny since all 8 of us went to State schools ha ha. It all started with a simple hat Tyler put on and ended with Mom and Dad opening up Parker's party trunk to get in full custom. We all proceeded to the basement for wild dancing and LOTS of laughing. I am sure it was a bit weird for a pregnant mother of one to be dancing it up with the frat house. Fred dog was a great sport and should us he still had moved. The next morning we all were sad as we had to part our separate ways. I am not sure why I ever complained as a child about being part of a big family it is so much fun and would not trade my brothers and sisters for anything in the world. Love you guys and miss you only wish Alan could have been there with us!!!