Thursday, June 26, 2008

Porter and His Friends

The last few days have been filled with excitement as Porter went swimming at Henry's house, than had little Well's over for dinner. I will have to say his best friend still is Sage. Sage is so sweet and fun around Porter and PO is now saying SSSa ( close). Porter is thrilled about his YaYa and Papa coming to visit this weekend.


MissTee said...

You are such a sweetie and we are so blessed to have you and your family in our lives! Love, Miss Tee & Sage

kbarron said...

Mo- This is way too cute and I just want to squeeze him- Thank you so much for adding me to this site- I love seeing all th epictures- much love to all of ya'll- lest get them together soon- XOXO

Margaret Gail Barron said...

Porter- You are so hip- We are going to look at your site everyday to see what new things you have discovered- You are so precious to so many people- we cant wait to see you again- please keep us updated on your life- My mommy shows it to me evryday- Love, Margaret Gail