Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another day with Friends "Young and Old"

Today was one of those days I will treasure. Simple... yet fun- First Porter and I spent the morning at Caribou Coffee playing with the blocks sipping coffee and juice. After that we headed to the Pool and was greeted by Mimi and Granddaddy and Mary Bob. Porter played with his trains and Mimi bought him some cars and puzzles. Granddaddy changed in his clothes and went swimming with Porter and myself. It was so fun Porter did his best swimming EVER. Underwater, diving, jumping off the side and totally showing off. After a long nap we headed to our good friend Will's house for some play time. It was SO fun Porter rode the train, played with the piano and swung for a LONG time on Will's new outside swing set. Lastly, we ate and bathed before nanny T and Sage came back so Mom could go to dinner with Candace, Mel and Jordan. Unfortunately no pictures ( forgot my camera, but what memories). We miss DAD and want him home. Also, GiGi, GOGO, big Porter and Reeves are now at Mount Kilimanjaro summit 14 hr day we lift up Psalm 18:30-36.

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