Monday, February 2, 2009

Cars, underwater- Just one artical...

Porter has for a while had an obsession with nice cars a Lotus being one of his favorites. He is the only child under two that I know who can go through a sports car calendar and name every car from BMW to a Viper and Aston Martin. It is so funny and hope to soon get the video up. His other new thing is sticking his head underwater in the bath tub and holding his breath it is SO FUNNY.

Lastly, I had to add this story in before number two arrives, but on Sat mornings as I am feeding Porter, changing him and playing my sweet husband likes to fix himself a nice bowl of cereal, go to Starbucks and come home with the paper. This week I asked him, "hey you want to help for a minute put Porters shoes on" he responded- I wish I could just read one article in the paper from start to finish. I wanted to yell back I wish I could take a shower, brush my teeth, watch a movie and read BUT IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN for a while ha ha

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Christine Morris said...

that is hysterical! brendan still reads the paper every single morning, and I mean like the WHOLE thing! oh must be nice!