Friday, June 12, 2009


As many of you know by now Porter is in love with cars especially nice ones. Well it just so happens that a neighbor of my parents "mr Roy" found out about this love and he has the same passion. He does not have model cars, but the real things. So Mr. Roy surprised Porter and brought his latest car addition to the house a "real Ferrari" He took Porter on a ride and of course Porter had to run inside to get his small Ferrari for the ride. It was so cute and he was shell shocked for a while!!! Jack on the other hand is impoving and we are getting a handle on his acid reflux ( thanks to all my friends for tips on how to solve the issue and what meds are good and NOT). He is almost a month old and I am slowly learning how to get out of the house with two. Not sure how my mom did it with 6!!

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