Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Changing Times

Well sorry the posts have been so few, but life has gotten complicated and blog entries have fallen to the bottom of the list!!! A few things to update you followers on A. we HAVE moved out of our house for about 6 months and moved into hotel Henrite. All is well and the help is appreciated ( even if it means taking advice from your parents when you have lived on your own for 12 years ha ha). It is great to be around extended family ( even though we REALLY MISS YAYA AND PAPA AND JIMBO). Porter's new room is set up like is old ( besides the giant Henritze sign in the back). Jack and Alan and I are nomads for now, but Reeves leaves tomorrow and we will then invade her room.
Our house was so dirty and Alan and I can not wait to get a fresh start. They started yesterday and already are tearing apart. Porter and Jack are learning to adjust ( Porter says he is on a adventure). Yesterday we were able to have some of Porter's friends over which helped with the adjustment and it was tons of fun. Hope to update more, but that is my five minute I am allowing my time today.

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