Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well you have missed nothing in the ATL. as all it has done for days is rain. They said it is the 100 year flood and rivers and creeks hit record highs. Rivermeade, Hanover West, Farmington and many others water went up the stairs of first floors. People were rescued in boats till 11am last night and the rain continued to pour. Today the sun has surfaced for the first time in a week with storms in Miss. on there way. People lost lots of stuff but we are reminded it is just STUFF.
On a side note Jack has started eating baby food and loves it. Porter LOVES school and is almost potty trained. We also celebrated Tommy's Hair Shop shops 50th anniversary were people brought their cool cars to West Paces Ferry. PO was is hog heaven.
Lastly, Go Go and GiGi built a fabulous swing set to use WHEN IT IS NOT RAINING

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