Monday, June 14, 2010

The last few days friends visit, tri, granddaddy and Huntie Birthday

Well it was a wonderful surprise to have Jan and Laura swing through town. Even though I sometimes go months or a year without seeing them it is like we saw each other yesterday. It was great to catch up and made me miss camp days and value GREAT friends.

Chrissie and Mimi were a huge help Sunday morning as Mom, Alan, Hunter and I traveled to West Point GA for a Triathlon which was HOT, HARD but fun. We all did well and met our goals. Mom and I placed 2nd and 3rd overall women which was a fun mother daughter combo ( only 5 sec difference). After the race we enjoyed naps followed by celebration of grandaddy 82 and Hunter's birthdays. We swam and ate cake it was so fun I love my sweet family ( Alan, porter and jack)

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