Sunday, August 15, 2010

Laughter and Tears Baldhead Island 2010

Well the week started out great even with a rainy 8 hour drive. The kids were in the best mood so excited to get to one of our favorite places Baldhead, NC. Yaya and Papa were awaiting our arrival and Aunt Jimbo was on her way from Denver to spend the week with us. We arrived around midnight and made the last ferry late Friday night. The next day was great as always- we did some of our favorite things- the market, swimming at Shoals Club and BHI Club ( porter down the slide), running on the beach and in the title pools, the house was AMAZING right on the beach. All was good until August 9th 2 days after we arrived. It was a normal day Alan and my 7th year anniversary and we woke up and had a great 20 mile bike ride around the Island. The day was fabulous and the kids were having a blast. We made reservations that night for the Shoals Club overlooking the Ocean at 8pm. I dressed up in my new dress Alan got me for my anniversary and we took some pretty pictures out my the dunes. We proceeded to take a walk on the beach, eat a wonderful dinner and then went to the whale house and looked at the stars the milky way was out and AMAZING. We talked for an hour and then got in the golf cart to head back to the house. On our way home I fell out of the golf cart going about 20 mph on my face. I don't remember much and the next thing I saw were the EMT and police. The next day I went to the doctor for x-rays where we discovered my jaw was broken. I had to fly home the next day and began the procedure to fix my face. The pictures here are the GOOD part of the trip and the PART I want to remember. I will ALWAYS want to return to Baldhead as I LOVE IT AND so sad the trip was cut short, but thankful that God protected my head and neck and that my children are safe. HAPPY ANNIVERARY ALAN WE WONT FORGET THIS ONE !!!

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