Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Puffin, Reevie, Uncle Pootman, MAMA

It is really nice to have family in town, but as the summer comes to an end I am so sad to have big Porter ( pootman) and my youngest sister Reeves ( Reevie) go back to college. Porter turns 23 tomorrow and I can not believe it!!! Today Porter slept again till 9 and then we were off to the Caribou for coffee with Reeves where Porter said her name for the first time "Reevie" she rewarded him with goldfish and lots of praise. We then headed to GIGI's where to our surprise puffin made her grand entrance. Puffin is Pootman's girlfriends dog who is as big as my hand. I am not sure who was more scared Porter or Puffin. Then we headed to the pool and lastly to the YMCA where mom worked out and Porter was in the playroom with baby Abby ( he cried when we left because of the train table that they have now). Mom and Dad are off to Batman while Reeves and Anna Heald babysit. Porter loves Anna

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